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What children and parents say

Hi everybody My name is Shalini and currently I am in high school. When I was in the middle school I have started to learn web programming from Christopher (Coding Bear Academy). Now I have a part time job developing science project`s website in our school. They are paying me $ 2,500 a month, almost as much as my mother makes, who works in human resources. In the future I`m planning to apply to Ryerson University – Computer Science program.


We called Christopher from Coding Bear Academy in 2014. Our son Michael 10 years old at that time, was attending Bialik private school in Toronto and he was interested in computer games. We thought, if he spends most of his days playing video games, why not to teach him something useful?

It`s been now almost two years. Michael have learn how to program web pages and is currently learning how to program computer games. Few months ago, he designed website for our friend`s business. My friend paid him $800.

If 12 year old kid can make $800 dollars in few days, I am very sure about his future.

May Stern

A few years ago Christopher started to teach me web programming. I was in high school (last year) and I was not making very good grades. My parents were constantly bothering me because I was smoking weed and drinking alcohol. I even lost my Driver`s License due to DUI. My father (construction worker), constantly was nagging me: Do you want to work at McDonalds your whole life? Finally, my father found Coding Bear Academy advertising on Kijiji.

Christopher taught me web programming and software architecture. Today, not even two years out of school, I work as a web ASPI developer, making over $70,000 a year in downtown Toronto, which is a little more than my father makes. Four months ago, I bought brand new Honda Civic Sport – my dream car and currently I am dating the most beautiful and the most popular girl from my high school.

From time to time, I meet my school friends. Some of them work in fast food industry, warehousing, security or construction. They are lucky if they can make $16/hour. Even people who went to university, like my girlfriend, are constantly worrying about their jobs and their future. I am not. I know that I can get well paid, secured job anytime and anywhere I want. So, I can plan now my marriage and start my family.

Christopher teaches me now Mobile Application Development. When I learn Java, I will take job in our phone APS department and they will increase my salary to $104,000 a year.

Christian Campbell

My programming story is somewhat unusual. When I finished high school, my parents forced me to take computer science at York University. I was never good with math and I hate it! For the first two years of my computer science, I was barely able to make passing grades. I was trying not to think about my future in front of computer screen writing codes. After three years of study, I did not even want to turn on my computer. I was constantly arguing with my parents. I did not understand computer programming and wanted to quit University. They did not teach me anything. I was passing courses by memorizing lines of code from books. It was very difficult and time consuming.

When I meat Christopher from Coding Bear Academy, after an hour of talking, He asked me: Will you be willing to learn like 8 years old kid? Was He kidding me? I was studying computer science for 3 years! I was able to develop complicated programs and implement them. He said: Humor me. I will not take money from you for a month. If you like it, we will continue, and you will pay me back. If you don`t, we will forget the whole think. I would like to help you, but you have to give it some time. You see, sometimes in order to understand something, you have to revert to your inner child.

That was incredible experience. We were playing games like “hidden secret code”. In the beginning for me it was fun, but also waste of time. Gradually, I was learning new thinks in a way that they do not teach at university. I was beginning to understand what`s going on. Why we use this function here? How we can shorten the program? Why we are declaring variables in such a way? And so on and so on. Soon to my great surprise, I`ve discovered, that I was impatiently waiting for these meetings. I was interested, what the alligator AI can do next (one of the animation game we were programming). As a third year computer science student, I was beginning to understand computer programming. It was like an awakening from a bad dream. Furthermore, I`ve started to love writing computer programs.

Even today, when I`m checking program, which has been written by somebody from my team and the program is missing line code closing tag, I would smile to myself remembering how hungry the alligator Al was and how zookeeper put stick in his mouth, creating closing tag.

I`ve graduated from university with my BSc degree in computer science with no further problems. Today I work in Denver Colorado for reputable oil company managing complicated database projects and earning over $ 130,000 American dollars a year.

Across the street lives my friend dentist. He runs his own practice and makes a little more than I do. I do not envy him. I work mostly from home. Every morning I watch him from my kitchen`s window sipping coffee in my pajamas. He has to remove snow from his car. Drive for over 30 minutes to his office. Deal with the public and business expenses. In meantime, I would finish my coffee, watch news or movie on TV. Later I will switch on my computer. I would typically work for 6 hours, after that I`m free. I have perfect life-work balance thanks to my parents, Christopher from Coding Bear Academy and the inner child in me.

Arthur Kabasky

In 2016 we inherited restaurant in Krakow. It was time to go back to Poland. Our son Mark, was born in Canada. We didn`t know what he can do in Poland. In the past two years Mark was learning computer programming from Christopher (Coding Bear Academy). He just returned from his job interview in Krakow. He got job with the biggest polish IT company Comarch. They were impressed with his programming skills, and knowledge. His probation period salary is going to be 7,000 polish zlotych (double average salary in Poland), after a year, the company promised to raise his salary to 10,000 zlotych.